ohrensessel rattan garten We want to change the web for the better.

ausbohren von schrauben At Fork, everything we do we approach from a user’s human user’s human user’s human perspective. We collaborate across disciplines to create meaningful and inspiring experiences. We want to help change the web for the better, one project at a time.

fleurop gutschein gültigkeitsdauer Websites are what we’re famous for but with connected devices taking the web to weird places we’ve learned to deal with a spectrum of touchpoints and contexts. Attracting folks’attention, moving them to engage, and winning their hearts and minds in complex and distractive environments, that’s our bread and butter.

aufnahme beschwerden excel Since 1996, Fork has been a competitive and ‘sympathisch’ partner (not one major fuck-up, in all those years) for businesses, brands, shops, cultural institutions and nonprofits alike.

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Senior Art Director (HAM, BER, CGN)

kontakt penny mobil Here’s a little puzzle: ‘big client’; ‘design system’; ’e-commerce’ – who is it? One point for the right answer. You can score more points by adding qualities like ‘experience in art direction’; ’excellence in craft’; ‘systematic design approach’ or ’fluent english’. However, scores are not everything. We are looking for a ‘sympathisch’ person to join our long a successful collaboration with the ‘big client’. Interested?

ergebnis london bürgermeisterwahl gebäude der zukunft

Art Director (CGN)

best insurance india Work at the intersection of design, content, and technology! Our ‘klein but fine’ team in Cologne is looking for an experienced designer or art director who wants to work and grow with them. You are familiar with the latest standards and patterns in interface design, and if necessary, have the guts to break those rules? You share our love for design and details, you’re a pro in Sketch and Photoshop, and you’re able to work within design systems? If this all tickles your fancy, we'd love to hear from you.

mach sauber und mehr grab paulus vatikan

Back-End Developer (HAM, CGN)

ballinderry defrost 16 Take a look code junkies, as we have an awesome opportunity to get your career headed in the right direction. What we need is a young gung-ho tech enthusiast who loves open-source software. Someone with experience or severe willingness to learn all the current top CMS’s such as Wordpress, Drupal, or typo3. If you have experience with versioning via GIT, experience in HTML5, CSS3, and javascript (NodeJS), with an emphasis in languages such as PHP, and Ruby, then we can offer some exciting projects in a great team that would kill to have you. Call us immediately and let’s get started!

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Senior Front-End Developer (CGN)

sicherheit gegen bruch We are looking for a passionate Front-End Developer to join our team and support us in tackling some fascinating projects. If you live for developing semantically correct responsive websites, and have solid experience in current web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ECMAScript6, REACT, JQuery), then we can offer a great team that’s more than willing to bring you into the fold. Oh, and if you have familiarity in CMS’s such as Wordpress, Drupal, and Typo3, then you really need to call us, because we need your help changing the web for the better!

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In­terns & stu­dents (HAM, MUC)

kulturbeauftragter der ekd We need some young blood, so if you’re a “digital native” a “millennial” part of “generation why?” or just a regular “person” and are currently studying then we want you! We're looking for dab hands in the areas of design (HAM), web development (HAM) and digital campaigning (MUC) so if that sounds like you then drop us a line.

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lieber kleiner steuermann text Juliusstrasse 25
22769 Hamburg

stehend paddeln berlin eifersüchtig auf mutter
lagenlook traumland ebay Fax: +49 40 432 948-11


rita and steve Im Zollhafen 24
50678 Köln

zickzack v8 red edit teurig blumenladen lauchhammer
steuern quad berechnen Fax: +49 221 569 38-201

Laura Zabel

sie holt ihm ein runter Laura Zabel

brille switch it Laura’s talent is writing. Her literary passion includes calling her typewriter affectionately ‘Brigitte’. If only she knew, we would do almost everything to have her stay on, she would insist on using Brigitte at work. But hush-hush, we don’t want Laura to dance “Bye bye bye Keyboard”.

Frederic Christian

heute wm quali spiele Frederic Christian

seminarbetrieb schloss glarisegg Frederic is a bit of a live wire. Plug him in and he’ll deliver cutting-edge art direction. He’s an inexhaustible source of energy and a great inspiration to our design team. “Fork Fab Freddy” re-introduces our design standards to the left bank of the Rhine. Do kanns zaubre, Freddy!

Klaudia Plettner

boron supplement side effects Klaudia Plettner

knie geschwollen und warm Klaudia’s a bit like a creative boomerang – she keeps coming back with more! Kicking-off her Fork career as a talented copywriter, she’s transformed herself into an accomplished Designer during a few maternal timeouts where she produced her best ever work. A persistent source of creativity and charisma, Klaudia’s an inspiration for us all.

Markus Gropper

lords of the fallen trophäen Markus Gropper

krieger chiptuning erfahrung Being one of Bavaria’s finest, it would be more than peculiar if Mr. Goppers’s future will be anything other than golden. For our part, we did not hesitate one second entrusting Markus with a responsible task in our Southern outpost. And he rewards us with excellent work. There’s only one thing that needs to be sorted out: How to deal with females envying Markus for his endless, fabulously voluminous lashes.

Paula Pop

screwdriver cocktail rezept kochbar Paula Pop

bauer am fuchsberg magdeburg You want something done? A video tutorial is all Paula needs to accomplish the task, any task (including triathlon)! Born and raised in Transylvania, this redhead knows no fear. Like a bloodsucker she is very thirsty for good design and beautiful art. We love her design-skills and all of us dig the Transilvanian ‘paulapop culture’ she brings to our table.

Johann Mikkat

nate funk iowa Johann Mikkat

star medico erfahrung The Mikkat is a wunderkind from the shores of the Baltic Sea. Despite his youth he’s a master of his trade. As if it were nothing, he is shapeshifting in-between concept guy, designer and programmer. Soon after hiring him, we realized, this ‘kat’ is complete. At this point, we also realized that it is for us to teach him about the advantages of imperfection. When too perfect, lieber Gott böse.

Nina Halbig

senkrecht aufsteigender qualm Nina Halbig

teppiche wohnzimmer 200x300 Nina. Junior Project Manager from Franken hitchcock motorcycles england NOT Bayern. You could describe Nina as a woman of contradiction: the longest of lashes without the need for mascara, the busiest of bees but never tempted to sting and reacher of heights, despite being afraid of them. When it comes to finding Nina, you could say ‘Mia hoan fei an Dussl ghabt’, but ‘We got very lucky’ works too.

Maria Müller

harry hoffmann kornwestheim Maria Müller

nächster cash group automat The miller’s daughter prefers pixels over corn. Although young in age, Maria is a great designer and it’s hard to imagine our creative team without her. A word of caution: If you should ever enter our studio, don’t let the sight of this fairy damsel lure you into walking against the wall of our server room.

Roman Hilmer

madame evelyne heidelberg Roman Hilmer

netzschlüpfer krankenhaus op Roman is known to lead his fellowship without any unnecessary shilly-shally. He’s managed to balance the formalities of business with his own brand of creative flair. His rule is often associated with extravagance but never tyranny.

Kai Ebert

menschen für menschen job Kai Ebert

zahraniční stravné 2017 Fork’s very own ‘DJ Premier’ sets the rhythm for all the floors of our Hamburg office. We’re not a disco (most of the time) but Kai’s approach to leadership is the one of a DJ: Digging for the right humanoid material; setting up inspiring work-n-playlists; manipulating group dynamics to certain levels of ecstasy; being well-prepared but still able to make decisions on the fly; doing at least two things simultaneously; aligning pace, … mike drop!

Claudia Huneke

ausdruck mein lieber bedeutung Claudia Huneke

spinatlasagne mit quark Claudia’s a fashion-following, trend-setting aficionado who’s usually directing photo-shoots and showing brands the world over how to create the perfect digital magazine.

Sascha Zimmer

geschiechte von schneeberg erz Sascha Zimmer

motory dla dzieci One of the doglovers at Fork. His long-lasting experience with the bow-wow might be the reason for his mastery in non-aggressive fighting when it comes to resolving conflicts with barking (external) IT departments. In the end, he is always part of the solution.

Wolf Serwaty

steige hoch du roter adler Wolf Serwaty

kochou no yumeji Everybody knows wolves are back in this ‘Schnitzel-formed’ land of ours. What‘s actually new is that there‘s a Wolf in the Kranhaus and he just recently started to form a pack. You won‘t find a better creature to be leader of pack (aka project manager), neither on the left nor on the right banks of the Rhine river.

Leonard Techel

cranberrysaft wirkung herz Leonard Techel

kreuzwrtraetsel uvergleichlich einzigartig This graduate of Hogwarts School of Programming and Wizardry is Leon-(h)arder than you think! It actually is frightening to realize how skilled now days cubs are. Already at a young age they are capable to challenge us alphas, to end our reign with a single stroke of their paws. Fortunately, we are still hearing the sound of a gently-purring Leo…

Alexander Dobbert

fairfield theatre company Alexander Dobbert

zahl hoch 2 One sometimes can’t exactly tell what happens inside the skull of a programmer (until it’s too late). But what happens on top of Alexander’s scalp really amazes us. He must own a dozen different caps and hats, and each one is a message that awaits to be decoded. Be it a Shtreimel, Fez, or Boss of the Plains – This black box comes in style.

Marcello Insolera

legende einer liebe Marcello Insolera

familienfarm lübars veranstaltungen Niente di nuovo sotto il Sole? Far from it! Our tech team has been spiced up with Mediterranean flair. Marcello, a full-blooded virtuoso simpatico, ‘autentico’ from ‘macchina’ to ‘baffo’. We were ‘insoleroed’, almost immediately.

Maike Corinna Müller

blätter färben sich gelb Maike Corinna Müller

nachrichten abschiebungen 2017 Project Management by day, motorbiking by night, this angel gives ‘em hell as a team leader, colleague and beer-drinking companion. With at least 20 visits to the US under her belt, she’s a packing pro. And boy does she pack a punch!

Patrick O. Wodtke

starke kids selbstbehauptungstraining Patrick O. Wodtke

otto hahn gymnasium Simply the vest! Patrick is a sharp-dressed man with an equally sharp mind. The Jón Gnarr-lookalike knows how to wow clients with sophisticated concepts and persuasive arguments. The patented P.O.W.W.O.W.-methodology allows P.O.W. to turn user experience into user delight. W.O.W!

Katja Hanzl

länglichen seidenschal binden Katja Hanzl

seiliger prozess beispiel Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and Katja‘s talent as a creative person. When she first appeared at Fork for a one week work trial, the sun turned into darkness. Well, we accepted this sign from above.

Wolf Hinsch

pazze di me Wolf Hinsch

licht über tahoma steuern Wolf is one of those friendly and soft spoken fellows. But do not let that fool you into thinking that he’s a pet wolf. He’s a hunter for content – hygiene, hub and hero content. Goodness, what big eyes you have! The better to find the best content for you, responds Mr. Hinsch.

Jan Gehrke

träubleskuchen mit schmand schwäbischer Jan Gehrke

mont kiara rent Jan ‘Icke-bwana’ Gehrke, a true master of digital products, adds a little Berliner Schnauze to Fork’s Babylonian confusion of languages. For the sake of THE perfect product, the reliable, grounded, and practical character fuses together all the right people – Mokume-Gane-Style. For Jan knows, that great products are made by great teams.

Elena Timofeev

schmerzen in der linken wade Elena Timofeev

verheiratet wo frau versichert You know when you’ve been ‘timofeeved’! All of sudden, everything’s feels so clean and neat. Prima project ballerina Elena has the superb ability to (re-) order and resolve almost any kind of tense situation. Somehow, she must have secret techniques of controlling bodies and the minds of people.

Sandra Kempf

bescheid des bamf fehlende unterschrift Sandra Kempf

brot hunde durchfall Sandra’s job is to ensure domestic P.E.A.C.E. (People, Events, Administration, Culture, Etc.) at Fork. And she’s the perfect match for this position. She never loses her good mood and even the occasional ‘kick in the arse’ comes across as an act of thoughtful humanity. Here comes the SUN!-dra.

Lennart Kallert

juden ghetto frankfurt Lennart Kallert

dean und david hamburg When it comes to code, Lennart’s brain is more receptive than the IKEA drawer unit of the same name. Norm-core on the outside, soft-code inside (dreaming of Californication!?). Every now and then, Len wraps himself in a special div, and gets lost. But that’s not much of a problem, since he always resurfaces at the same place: Stadthausbrücke station.

Peter Förg

dülfer lübeck speisekarte Peter Förg

farbe tauschen paint Form follows Förg. Peter is the impersonation of design process. He’s got the components, he’s got the patterns, he’s got the grammar, and he’s got the system. Every layout saved on his hard-drive works like clock-work.

Franziska von Lewinski

fischöl für hunde ist das gesund Franziska von Lewinski

champagner jahrgang 1937 We happen to exist in a matriarchal system and Franziska is not only our ‘Jeanne d’Fork’ but also a wanderer between worlds, shuttling between motherhood, parent company and subsidiary. Like every mom, she juggles. But besides being a super- heroine herself, she can rely on a great family support system.

Tobias Kreimer

schokolade walter klett nehren Tobias Kreimer

tasse queen office tobitatze to us, Tobias to you. Our new account director has two babies; his daughter and FC Schalke 04, both of whom he loves dearly and sincerely. Whilst studying Social Sciences at uni, he spent a semester in Finland, but he didn’t (Hel)sink(i), he swam right to the surface and found Fork on his journey home through the cool, blue waters.

Cynthia Hormann

schrift old english Cynthia Hormann

schmidbauer felder voller gold As former singer and guitar player of German punk rock outfit ‘Sissi’s Revenge’ Cynthia comes with a great do-it-yourself-attitude. A great approach when it comes to conceptual challenges. Her cat – may God rest her soul – would be proud, if she saw her ‘cynthesizing’ even the biggest challenge into a splendid concept.

Teresa Huschet

dosenthunfisch in eine suppe Teresa Huschet

order values matlab Hush! Hush! Look closely! With a little luck you will find Teresa, generally well camouflaged within personae, sketches, or paper click dummies. When it comes to crafting UX concepts Ms. Huschet is a busy bee visiting touchpoint after touchpoint for the pollen and nectar that improves joy of use. It seems like she CAN be everywhere at once, and the best part, she always has a smile on her face.

Maurice Hofmann

hatteland autostore service portal Maurice Hofmann

revolution no 3 kleber Boy on a wireframe. Maurice finger on the trackpad never shakes, his face sits tight and still, and he’s quite as mouse when setting out to work on the future user experience of any given client. Wireframe-fame is guaranteed, a bright future is awaiting this fellow.

Wanda Martini

kind rote flecken am körper Wanda Martini

middlesbrough nottingham audio stream “Who put that plug there?”, “That milk doesn’t open properly”, and “This lift is not compatible with my expectations as a user” – Wanda’s mission is making the world a better place. Lucky us, she decided to bring in her skill and labor, helping us to change the web for the better. ‘User Experience’, for Ms. Martini, is a higher calling on behalf of those struggling with the ubiquitous digital layer; and all the users sing: “Aaand after all, you’re my Wanda-wall.”

Susanne Hoffmeister

admiral graf spee schiff 1939 Susanne Hoffmeister

dudley moore arthur Tattooed stray kitten goes from abandoned to loved. Yeah, this would make a good headline for our story with Susanne. Having picked her up in our backyard, one rainy-day, she turned out to be creative Wonder Girl. We can’t tell who’s luckier, the girl with the ship on her forearm or her new people.

Andreas Höpcke

alle snes spiele Andreas Höpcke

funk receiver fernsehen Andreas is a classic gent with a modern twist. A certified and tattooed tech-wizard, he’s the Gandalf to our Frodo and never fails to guide us through the maze that is the world wide web. Although not the loudest here at Fork, when you hear his bike’s engine growling in the courtyard, one thing’s for certain: Andreas has left the building.

Fabian Werner

vorteil imap gegenüber pop Fabian Werner

kreis apotheke kyritz Project management isn’t the only team in Fabian ‚topspin’ Werner’s life, oh no he also makes up one half of Fork’s table tennis team and can often be found practicing his moves after hours in the infamous Party Keller, with the hope of one day joining the ‚International Table-Tennis Association for Project Managers‘. As Bart Simpson once said ‚don’t have a cow man‘ and Fabian certainly doesn’t; get your grammar right and youll get along just fine. I mean you’ll, d’oh!

Laura Mettke

fahrner bauunternehmung gmbh barbing Laura Mettke

asics frauen shirt laufen rosa Werkstudentin Laura from Weserbergland is our very own Wunderkind. Why? Because she can do absolutely e v e r y t h i n g ! At 163cm Laura is one of the shorter members in the Fork Fellowship, but when it comes to getting the job done, this ‚Typonerd‘ always reaches the heights of the mountains from which she hails.

Julia Zuleger

roman herzog bundespräsident Julia Zuleger

city oder town Girl meets code and nothing stays the same. Julia was a designer down-on-her-luck in the no-go areas of Offenbach, when she met Code, who asked her to strap her hands across his engines, and run with him. It’s a romantic story of a metamorphosis: From south to north, from design to code (with occasional relapses). We’re proud that Julia considers us to be her vanishing point.

Holger Meyer

signal fur blackberry Holger Meyer

sakar şakir youtube Holger is a living database when it comes to the silver screen. And over the years, he’s breathed life into dozens of database-driven websites – some of which proving to be real blockbusters in their genre. We’re also pretty sure that this is the only photograph of him in existence.

Janek Beicher

nachrichten zdf 19 uhr Janek Beicher

post sms briefmarke Once upon a time, whilst out night-jogging in the hills of Helsinki, Janek saw a shooting star. He looked at the star and wished that he would one day become one of Cologne’s most esteemed web developers. The Gods of HTML were listening and he’s been with us at Fork ever since, coffee in hand and always in the zone.

Dominik Schu

jacky tattoo würzburg Dominik Schu

karten iaa 2017 Whoever said that money makes the world go round obviously hasn’t met Dominik Schu(h); shoes and caps my friend, that’s where it’s at. The Michael Jordan of Project Management, if he’s not dribbling various projects or out golfing, then he’s working on his smooth as caramel phone voice, that or avoiding public transport. Either way, he’s a definite Hole-in-One for Fork.

Steffen Köpper

ouarzazate solar power plant Steffen Köpper

wechsel kv private gesetzlich Steffen’s last name translates as ‘dive’ (headfirst) and that’s what he’s famous for: Jumping in at the deep end of work. No task too difficult, too simple, too exciting, too boring, too whatever. His skill-set is like the primordial soup, almost anything can develop out of it. Any given Friday, there’s an evening meeting in our basement where amateur researchers are monitoring recent developments in Steffens evolution.

Jason Lee Rogers

kaminscheid rund engel Jason Lee Rogers

wann kommt the 100 staffel 3 Apparently it never rains in California. So you can imagine our surprise when we managed to attract a real-life California Guy to rainy Hamburg. And not just any old California Guy either. On a quest for the holy grail of script, we’ve instated Mr. Jason Lee Rogers as our newest code-crusader. And just like his 0s and 1s, Jason’s a lean, mean variable machine.

Lisa Kuhn

eltern abc kita Lisa Kuhn

hochwürden drückt ein auge zu darsteller “Jetz isch färtig luschtig!” Lisa just took her first step into working life as a designer at Fork. It is our pleasure, and responsible task as well, to tame and train this full-time fashionista and queen of monophthongs, diphthongization and crossbows.

Jens Schnitzler

brembo spa curno Jens Schnitzler

geschäft macht wieder auf We love designers who approach work with a calm mind, rather than allowing themselves to be distracted. Jens is one of those decent fellows. Anytime our kitchen turns into Hell’s kitchen, he simply presses play and enters a state of flow. Fahr’n fahr’n fahr’n – Musik for Autobahns (and design studios) – and he gets things done.

Lisa Landowski

biete urlaubsvertretung als zahnarzt Lisa Landowski

fenster klappladen aluminium Welcome to ‘Li-La Land’! It’s Lisa’s sovereign territory, a queendom where numerous great ideas are being implemented (in time and budget). Sure, project management is far from being a musical, but Lisa’s managerial skills come with rhythm, tone, and depth. If there was an Academy Award for project managers (and if it was up to us), it would definitely go to… (imagine a drum roll here): Lisa Landowski.

Henning Lüdeke

sehr spannende animes Henning Lüdeke

gemeißelte steinziegel craften Some years back, at SXSW, we managed to rescue a distraught young man from the clasps of a rather unsavory hotel room, in which he’d begun to pupate within the confines of his trusty sleeping bag. Since his liberation, Henning has repaid us by flourishing within Fork’s creative walls, shining with his accomplished design skills, forward- thinking and ongoing drive for innovation.

Firyal Izzaturahim

puskarstvi havlíčkův brod Firyal Izzaturahim

häuser der bayern spieler Born in Indonesia Firyal isn’t put off by an archipelago of tongues. At Fork he jumps right into a junction of low and high-level languages, design vocabulary, as well as the grammar of responsive web-design. We are so happy to have him aboard our quest for an inspirational Esperanto of design.

René Zimmermann

cavalierisches prinzip beispiel René Zimmermann

jörn kerl verstorben Another talented musician, René also hits the right notes when it comes to creating amazing illustrations. From fancy Flash animations right through to atmospheric storyboards, René is our in- house Hergé.

Carina Ullmann

tagespflege in dippoldiswalde Carina Ullmann

drei fünftel kg This die-hard Apocalyptica fan of 12 years came through our doors headbanging all the way to her desk and whether it be sport, music, cooking or project management, Carina really is a Jack of all trades. However, we do advise you to steer clear of asking her to water your plants whilst you’re on your hols, as it could result in the end of your precious home-grown basil. Bye bye Basil, hello Carina!

Jan Dinnebier

flüchtlinge aufnehmen österreich Jan Dinnebier

kuchen aktuell berlin Although controversial, our favourite authentic Hamburger comes with neither fries nor onions, but rather with glasses, an inconceivable knowledge of quality assurance and of course…a whole lotta cheese. Dinner and beer are Dinnebier’s idea of a perfect night in and if you ever find yourself stuck in a rut, unable to remember the lyrics to songs from the 90s, then Jan is your man, so keep him near.

Carl-Jochen Reinhardt

erfurt sehenswürdigkeiten umgebung Carl-Jochen Reinhardt

auf nach santiago Carl “Charly” Reinhardt is to account management what Jean “Django“ Reinhardt was to playing the jazz guitar. Despite their finger issues – Django having two of his fingers disabled, Charly having the weirdest pencil grip since the invention of writing in ancient Mesopotamia – both men became stunning virtuosos in their trade. Buen trabajo, Hermano.

Sebastian Martens

was ihr dem geringsten meiner brüder Sebastian Martens

warum regnet es im regenwald Being a child of the far North, it is astounding how ‘Doc’ Martens managed to stay away from Schnapps. Somehow strange that Sebastian is collecting whiskey without drinking it, he doesn’t give the impression of being part of the hardcore subculture. But he definitely is a straight-edge wonder-boy operating on the cutting edge of creative technology, including pyros and confetti bombs.

Hanne Hofmann

luna song italienisch gianni togni Hanne Hofmann

beaches near delhi Ha! Ho! Let’s go! Hanne is the girl rocker of our little endeavour. Away from the mud of festivals she is a guarantor for clean and reusable code. We’re talking separately maintained version of reusable assets, here. Don’t you dare call this ‘Mädchen-Informatik’ (#likeagirl).

Sandra Müller

flügel herz anhänger Sandra Müller

nachrichten gladbeck heute Sandra is the soul of our Hamburg studio and our very own female version of Clark Kent; part time ‘Girl Friday’ part time Super-Heroine. Moving paper mountains, taming nerdy egos and mending broken hearts is all in a days work for Ms Müller… we’re actually thinking about releasing a set of ‘Wonder-SMÜ’ action figures.

Sarah Moser

dongwon systems corporation Sarah Moser

neue leben aktiv plan We’ve got one thing in common with Hotel California: One can checkout at any time but (almost) never leave. Especially the good ones are not allowed to desert. And so it came to pass that Sarah abandoned us once but is still around. Fräulein Moser talent in project management is more than welcome. Not only every project she gets in her different long fingers turns into gold, also her delicious banana bread tastes especially.

Alex Steinert

da will man in ruhe das ganze haus Alex Steinert

schöner essen rezeptverzeichnis 2004 Well blow me down, if it isn’t Alex Steinert from Westfalen. As a child, her mum would say ‚Alexandra! If you want to be a Senior Art Director and extreme techno enthusiast one day, then you have to eat your spinach!‘ With her dreams in sight Alex listened to her mum and hopped on the green hype all the way to Hamburg. As strong as a stone, but with more personality, Alex can take on anything and we’re happy to have her.

Arne Hollmann

roger liebi sohn unfall Arne Hollmann

australian shepherd sucht zuhause What’s this ‘FF’ all about; two letters printed on almost all of his outerwear? Does it refer to the German ‘Effeff’, meaning that someone is mastering his craft to perfection? Would fit, when it comes to campaign ideas. On the other hand, Arne might also just be a foo-fighting metalhead.

Olaf Twesten

vampirbücher in der ich form Olaf Twesten

heimkinosystem kabellos von panasonic Although he does play in a band, we’d like to go on record and confirm that Olaf is in no way related to ex-Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones. Although he doesn’t speak much, Olaf prefers to do his talking in the source code. Just like any other accomplished backend programmer.

Michael Rüger

gavin rossdale neue freundin Michael Rüger

mister sunshine und mister moon “All systems go” is a phrase we wouldn’t hear very often if it weren’t for Michi. With his infectious laughter, he’s always the friendly ghost in the system, master of the machines and guardian of spare parts. Oh and make sure you leave a note when you drop something off on his desk.

Sarah Kaltenhäuser

strom online rechner Sarah Kaltenhäuser

persönliche assistenz bremen Sarah’s parents knew this for sure: If you want a smart girl, you’ll need more than vegetables. That’s why they raised their daughter on ‘Schäufele’ (a cornerstone of the Franconian cuisine) and hence made her stress-resistent, yet dynamic and inspired. Thank you Ms. and Mr. Kaltenhäuser for providing us with a smart account manager who has always lots of sweets on her table.

Siegfried Förster

louis steitz secura Siegfried Förster

testing jira workflows zum importieren A programming and managerial powerhouse, Siggi’s a talented bass player and resolute technical project manager who packs a punch both on-stage and on digital projects.

Catharina Kessels

durch angst extrasystolie Catharina Kessels

schrank elemente zuschnitt Cathy (German pronunciation please!) hails from the, loved by hipsters and top-knot-clad youths, city of Berlin. She moved to Hamburg for love and found another love, in the beautiful Hansestadt. Cool as a cucumber, she has meditated her way through many a pilgrimage, walking miles and miles through the mountains of Spain and Portugal. Needless to say, Cathy has found her zen here at Fork!

Katrin Sczepan

weißer urin gut Katrin Sczepan

begrüßungen in aller welt Don’t underestimate the drive behind her tranquil guise. When it comes to project management, consulting and user experience, Katrin’s versatility and efficiency would give even the sharpest Swiss army knife a run for its money. And a lot like a female MacGyver, she can handle any situation with composure, finesse and charm.

Matthew Harrop

ferienwohnung nähe soltau Matthew Harrop

auftritt des nikolaus Matt is something like a North Star to Fork’s creation. A passionate Creative Director and (emotion) designer who won’t give up until true quality is achieved. There are few people who have dug deeper into the soul of the Fork Brotherhood and as with every celestial body, Matt comes with a mysterious share of shining light and a dark gravity.

Sascha Cremer

franzi trifft die liebe Sascha Cremer

has to be Our one and only local hero of the ‘Strom’ (aka Rhine) likes to laugh aloud and often. We can’t tell whether his laughing is related to jokes within the source code or the positive work climate in the AT-AT (aka ‘Kranhaus’). Most definitely it’s not related to the performance of his favourite club (who’s just so different).

Paul Taggart

format usb drive Paul Taggart

digital fernsehen sky forum There are two kind of ideas you can expect of Paul: great ones and even better ones. Our Scotsman (expat-style) has always been one of the most inspiring powerhouses of idea development. Much like a good Scotch in a barrel, he seems to be in the middle of a process of sophistication, no end in sight, yet.

Daniela Madderken

hinter büschen an eine hauswand gelehnt Daniela Madderken

spiele mit luftballons On a cold December morning, 3 wise businessmen were lost in Köln and couldn’t find their way to the Fork office. Instead of following a star they were guided by project manager Daniela’s infectious laugh, which can occasionally be heard from Hamburg. When they arrived they were each greeted with an enviable hi-5 and left with a mixtape of Kakkmaddafakka. Daniela, you are the star!

Joachim Schole

wunderschön rügen wdr Joachim Schole

vogel in sachsen anhalt From Old Schole to New Schole, as long as it’s loud it’s all right with Joachim. Having started his career as a music journalist (think W:O:A reviews!) the metal-head developed quite a talent for writing. Nowadays he’s eloquent in writing code and has finally changed over to the highway to HTML. Jo, we salute you!

Robert Burtzik

kaiser dubarry weiß Robert Burtzik

blutdruckmessgeräte testsieger 2018 With being a badass at analogue photography, Robert installed the first darkroom at fork (of course for developing photos). With tastings of dark chocolate and his all black everything attitude, we can say that he fits perfect in our deep, culty family. But we have to admit: he is pretty bright himself and a designer with more than black in his palette.

Karin Kreuder

belgische pommes sauce Karin Kreuder

herzoperationen bei pferden in der tierklinik Karin is our very own “Alice in Medialand”. She’s the designer to talk to if you’re ever lost in type or need some help with a little CMYK. Plus: as a budding maritime photographer, you’ll often find her on the high seas taking snapshots on container ships.

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